ADR Express

Infectives, Stem Cells, Gases, Inflammables, Corrosives, Explosives, Toxic gases at Controlled Temperature +2°+8°, in Dry Ice MITRadiopharma distributes and pickups all dangerous and urgent products of all ADR classes ensuring its manufacturing Customers and international carriers the coverage all over the Italian territory.

Main features of such special services which MITRadiopharma ensures to all shipments are: operational competence, fast delivery, mangement of dedicated services, connection with main Italian APTs, transport at controlled temperature and storage in authorized warehouses.


The training of the personnel involved at any level in the transport of dangerous goods is ensured by MITRadiopharma within periodical training and education programmes for both the personnel in charge with transport office management and the personnel in charge of loading/unloading operations and handling of dangerous goods and personnel in charge to drive vehicles. The training of personnel involved at any level in the transport of dangerous goods is undoubtfully one of the key points of safety.
MITRadiopharma, within its formation and information programmes, operates to ensure the correct training to:

According to charges and tasks, courses are organised in:
  • Courses for specific qualifications
  • Training courses for attending the Professional Training Certificate (ADR)
  • Specific radioprotection courses (for transports of radioactive material)
  • Formation and information courses for workplace safety and hygiene
  • Training courses on Security
  • Specific topic seminars
Courses are entrusted to acknowledged bodies and professionals directly operating in the Company.