Track & Trace

Information system that enables to track a shipment and to follow its progress until delivery.


This is an optical filing system of the Transport Document or Delivery Note signed by the addressee.

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ADR Express

MITRadiopharma distributes and pickups all dangerous and urgent products of all ADR...


MITRadiopharma has a highly far-reaching and flexible Network able to ensure a high performance level...

Bio-Chem - MITRadiopharma Relocation of entire laboratories (Biological and Chemical, Criogenic, Radioactive and Toxic Material), classification...    
Logistics of Hi-Tech Equipments

Removals and internal movements, qualified technicians for conservative disassembly and reassembly, extraction Logistics of Hi-Tech Equipments.

Relocation of Entire Laboratories

With its specialized and qualified technicians, ensures "turnkey" relocation and coordinated technical solutions for entire laboratories including products.


Is specialized in logistics and transport of high added value Hi-Tech equipment.